Brand : LTC.


Play House & Console Set

We always hear from our customers that there aren’t

enough storage in their house and the beautiful spaces

they’ve designed are completely taken over with toys.

This was the starting point of our Play Set.

While trying to solve this problem, we knew we wanted to

design something versatile.

The Play console below can store many toy boxes whilst

the Play House can detach and become a doll house /

animal house / floor shelf & book case.

Play House and Play Console will adapt with your children’s

interests and needs as they grow. It is designed with our

signature LTC style, cool, chic, functional and beautiful.

Product details 

  • Colors: Crepe Pink, Cotton White, Dove Gray, Cotton White - Just Lemon
  • Brand: Little Thinks Co.
  • Material : Rubber wood / MDF
  • Play Set size (W x L x H) : 50 x 75 x 17 0
  • Play House size (W x L x H) : 30 x 75 x 85 cm.
  • Play Console size (W x L x H) : 50 x 75 x 85 cm.
  • Made in Thailand


  • The house-shaped shelf with storage is not too tall. Children can use it as a toy house shelf.
  • The cabinet is easy to open with a round handle. The door opens and closes with Soft Close style.
  • The lockers aren't very high, so the kids can reach out and pick up their things on their own.
  • When assembled into a Play Set, there will be a mounting bracket on the back, safe for use.
  • The paint used is non toxic and complies with international standards ASTM F963-08, EN71

Note: The colors of the products shown on the website may vary. From the display settings of each screen


  • The product will be shipped directly from the store within 3-5 business days after receiving the order.

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