‘When little thinks become imagination, it just makes for infinite possibilities.’

At Little Thinks Co. we see space with limitless possibilities and opportunities for creativity and imagination. With a background in architecture, and as a mom, I believe our surroundings and environment have a huge impact on our children. Anything can spark the little minds, no matter how small. Seeing and realising the potential of these moments became the start of Little Thinks Co., where I decided to combine my passion in design with inspiration from my daughter.

As well as designing and making our own, we are always on the look out for beautiful, whimsical, imagina-tive pieces that have been created with care and purpose from designers all around the world. Our products range from furniture & decorative pieces to things we feel will assist you in your daily lives as parents or car-ers of little ones.

In our products and spaces, you will see that we leave room for you to add your own stories and memories. We want to encourage children to explore and learn through play and curiosity and we always keep this in mind with what we do.

We will be sharing our ideas and thought processes with you in our journey. So lets inspire each other and make creativity contagious!

Designer & Founder
Little Thinks Co.

Little Thinks Studio
Do you have some crazy, big, small, cool or not so sure ideas of something you’d like, regarding children’s space or products? We provide design and consultation services and we would love to hear from you. Contact us for more info!
Little Windsor

Little Windsor , 58 Views

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